Private Dog Park

  Dog Park Description

Our dog park is a private, fully enclosed area where members can relax and play with their dog(s). The park has an open area for free play, trees for shade, and agility equipment for fun.  We feature a centrally located picnic area to sit and enjoy watching your pet play.   


Our park is reserved for C.M. clients or members only.  All dogs are prescreened and proper vaccination records are required to maintain a safe, clean environment.  If your dog is friendly and sociable it may run and play with the other dogs at the park. If there is some question as to your dog’s social behavior, it may have to be restricted in its play.  Any aggression incidents may result in your dog being excused without a refund. 


For travelers, we are located just 10 minutes off of Interstate 80 and Interstate 280 just outside of Davenport, IA. We are also just 10 minutes from the Walcott truck stop, so truckers if you would like to relax with your dog in a park like setting give us a call. There will be a minimal fee but we will pick you and your dog up and deliver you back at the truck stop. If you have on-board computers, E-mail us at ahead of time so we can make arrangements.

  Dog Park Benefits
  • Supervised play area for your pet.
  • Relax in a park like setting.
  • Get away from the city.
  • Travelers and Truckers let your dog exercise in a park.
  Click here for Directions and a map to the CM Dog Training Center and Dog Park.

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